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Transportation Services

At Kanada Transportation Inc, we are dedicated to being available all around the clock with a tailored and individualized solution for your transport or shipment needs. Whether it is Full truckload services, a reefer, a dry van, or warehousing. It can be anywhere in Canada and the USA, we are at your assistance at all times with safe, reliable, and on-time delivery.


Full Truck Loaded Services (FTL)

We are a certified company with experience and knowledge to transport any freight without any hassle. Kanada Transportation Inc. has the most dependable FTL services within your budget. You will not know unless you call our experts! Whether you are in a need of flatbeds, reefers, temp controlled freight, or dry vans, our experts analyze your individual needs and then tailor the perfect solution for you!


Some shipments require ton be temperature controlled. This is where our Reefer solutions come in assistance. Our transporting vans include both heaters and refrigerators to ensure that your product stays good all throughout the journey and even after it reaches the destination. Whether you want it frozen, hot, or merely cool, Kanada Transportation Inc will customize it as per your need! You just need to reach out and intimate us about the same. The rest is taken care of by our team of expert dispatchers!


Dry Van

Kanada Transportation Inc. possesses a fleet of trucks with an ample number of dry vans ready to ship your goods at your desired destination. Whether you want it regional, short haul, long haul, or anywhere in Canada and the USA. Our hassle-free and dependable delivery via dry vans are looked upon by many of our clients! Apart from being safe, secure, and fast, our trucks are fixed with satellite tracking technology that helps us to keep an up to date information on the shipment.


It is essential to have perfect warehousing to ensure the safety of all the products and goods. Also, inventory management and fulfillment of orders on time are crucial. We operate all over in Canada and the USA.
Inform us about your needs of temperature and moisture content, we will search and devise a personalized solution. Different products need a varied range of cold temperatures and manage all types of commodities. Our warehousing sites can turn from a freezer into a cooler as per your needs to ensure your products stays at an optimum temperature.


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